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Usufruct Agreement Parties

Art. 596. The payment of annual taxes and those that are considered a pawn on the fruit is the responsibility of the casting for the whole time that the usufruit lasts. (504) In the usufruit, one person or group has the right to use the property of another. They do not have it, but they have a contracted interest in it. There are two types of usufruit: perfect and imperfect. In perfect usufruit, the usufruit can use the property and enjoy it, but cannot change it significantly. If z.B. the owner of a business becomes unable to act and gives a parent a usufruit to run the business for him or her, the usufruit may run the business, but cannot sell it or demolish and rebuild the building. In an imperfect usufruit system, the usufruit system has some power to modify the property, for example.B. when a landowner grants a usufruit to land for the farm. Usufruit may have the right to produce crops from the country and to make improvements to the country that would contribute to this endeavour. However, these improvements are not owned by usufruits; When the usufruit ends, they belong to the original owner or his estate.

In some aboriginal cultures, usufruit means that the country is the common property of people, but families and individuals have the right to use certain lands. The land is considered village or communal land and is not owned by individuals. While people can take the fruits of the country, they must not sell or abuse them, in a way that puts an end to the future use of the country by the Community. The elements covered by section 570 are considered civil fruits and are considered to be proportional to the naked owner and usufruit, for the period during which the usufruit lasts section 598. Where the usufruit is made up of an entire estate and the owner has debts at the time of his statutes, the provisions of Articles 758 and 759 concerning donations apply both with regard to the maintenance of the usufruit and the obligation for the usufruit to pay those debts. The same rule applies when, at the time of the manufacture of the usufruit, the owner is required to make periodic payments, even if there is no known capital. (506) Art. 583. The usufruit is required, before entering into the consumption of property:1, after notification to the owner or his rightful representative, to draw up an inventory of all real estate that must include an assessment of the personal property and a description of the condition of the real estate;2) a guarantee which undertakes to fulfil its obligations under this chapter. (491) c. To remove removable improvements or lift them from the damage it has caused2. On the side of the naked owner.

Must cancel security or mortgage. In the case of rural leases, respect the leases made by the usufruit until the end of the agricultural year. Make refunds to the usufruit in the right cases. The shape and substance are not really preserved.

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