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Stresa Front Agreement 1935

The Stresa Front began to collapse after the United Kingdom signed the Anglo-German naval agreement in June 1935, in which Germany obtained permission to increase the size of its navy. It completely collapsed within two or three months of the initial agreement, shortly after the Italian invasion of Abyssinia. [2] The front completely collapsed with the Italian invasion of Abyssinia. An Italian version of this article was published on April 10, 2015 on Dino Messina`s blog for the newspaper Corriere della Sera. lanostrastoria.corriere.it/2015/04/10/11-aprile-1935-il-fronte-di-stresa-cosi-mussolini-tento-di-fermare-hitler/?fb_ref=Default April 11, 1935, 80 years ago. Benito Mussolini climbed the Isola Bella, towards Stresa, in northern Italy, and entered the Borromeo Palace with his usual rapid steps. The highest representatives of Great Britain and France were waiting for him, while Adolf Hitler was not invited. The debates ended three days later with the signing of a major agreement that created the defined Fronte di Stresa or the Stresa Front. We are convinced that no one will remember such an anniversary today, but it had a global resonance and its failure, caused by the cowardice of Great Britain, brought the world directly into the Second World War. In Italy, books on this ephemeral agreement are still waiting to be written, neither essay is available, which offers a passionate historical analysis devoted to him and his tragic developments. But we can say that these days marked the peak of the prestige and glory of the Mussolinis, much more than Munich in 1938.

The best study devoted to this complicated subject is, in our opinion, thanks to Rosaria Quartararo, brilliant student of the historian Renzo De Felice; or to French historians, I mention here that Leon Noah`s Illusions of Stresa, Abandoned Italy has Hitler published in 1975, while few English historians have written, perhaps because they do not know how to free themselves from their superiority complex, forced by their victory during the Second World War, which should in fact be attributed first to the USSR and second to the United States: and it is perhaps for this reason that they continue to see the hectic diplomatic efforts that Mussolini undertook to save Italy from ruin. According to American historian and conservative journalist Pat Buchanan, the Stresa Agreement was, in his bestseller Churchill, Hitler and Unnecessary War, the main attempt ever made in Europe to arrest Adolf Hitler before World War II. Buchanan even points out that it was folly, a few months after Stresa, that Britain voted against Italy for punitive sanctions and trade embargoes for the invasion of Ethiopia and pushed them into Hitler`s arms. France, for its part, accepted Italy`s sovereignty over Ethiopia as a price to be paid for maintaining the unity of the Stresa Front: further proof of its importance. Italy and France then aspired to an alliance against Hitler, after restoring compulsory military service (16 March 1935) and expressing its desire to significantly increase the number of divisions of the German army and thus tear up the Treaty of Versaille. The victors of the First World War protested, but the most striking mistake was made by Great Britain: John Simon and Anthony Eden went to Berlin as planned, instead of having their trip cancelled in protest as if nothing had happened. At the beginning, Benito Mussolini presented various topics to be debated; However, the need to avoid the connection of Austria was at the centre of these discussions. He first demonstrated his knowledge of the situation in Vienna and explained to the representatives of Great Britain, Ramsay Macdonald and John Simon, and to the Frenchmen Pierre Laval and Pierre-Etienne Flandin that compulsory military service in Austria would mean the end of their neutrality, since all young Austrians are pro-Nazis.

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