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Bahrain Contract Agreement

Written agreement is not required by law, but usual. The basic conditions of employment are contained in the employee`s brochure (Carteira de Trabalho e Previdéncia Social or CTPS) and in other documents required for hiring. The job must be created through a written employment contract and a copy of the employment contract must be made available to the employee. As a general rule, there is no need to submit or approve employment policies to third parties, either with respect to a policy or with respect to the implementation of individual employment contracts. Implementation of internal rules requires only consultation with workers` representation and there is no need to reach agreement or reach agreement. Written employment contracts are common, but not mandatory, except for fixed-term contracts, part-time contracts, telework contracts, intermittent contracts, temporary contracts and employment contracts under the service commission scheme. The employer must provide a written statement of essential working conditions within 60 days of the start of work. As a general rule, this information is part of a written employment contract. Non-Kuwaiti nationals must sign a state employment contract to obtain their work permit and residence visa. This treaty is in English and Arabic. Kuwaiti and gCC workers are not required to sign a standard form of contract, but their regular employment contract with their employer may be required to be subject to the WFP EXAMEN.

As a foreigner working in this country, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with your employment contract so that you know your rights and restrictions. Knowledge of the law will help you make decisions. It also helps you not to be threatened by your employer (in bad situations) by taking advantage of your lack of knowledge. So here`s a guide that helps you and gives you an overview of the Bahrain Labour Law Treaty. The worker must receive, at least within the first month of employment, a written indication of the parties` names, start dates, positions, wages and possible additional salary items, as well as weekly working hours. Mandatory legal provisions must be respected, as must collective agreements, the scope of which has been extended by the State to all employers in a given sector (for example. B in the construction, furniture, hotel and restaurant industry, private security and retail). Written work contract required. The content of an employment contract is subject to several minimum requirements.

No binding guideline requirements. If there is a business committee, enterprise agreements will largely replace the policy. Without the Works Council, policies are common, but they are subject to standard contractual clauses, i.e. they cannot be changed unilaterally to the detriment of staff. Chilean law does not provide for any regulations regarding the trial period.

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