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Artist Management Agreement Sample

"Our relationship continues despite death." This is a clause that you should be careful about when signing an artist management contract. A forfeiture clause indicates that the manager continues to collect commissions despite the expiry of the contract and his tenure as manager. Managers feel that the artist would not have come to the star without them. Even if the management contract has been terminated or terminated, the manager still receives a percentage of the royalties for all contracts signed during his tenure as manager. Everything can range from six months to seven years. A typical approach to the term is to opt for a relatively long duration, for example. B 12 months, and leave the notion indeterminate from this period with a period of three months. On the other hand, since an artist`s early career is a period that requires the most attention, some managers feel safer with longer time and effort. "Are we on the same side?" In the written document containing the artist`s management agreement, the roles each party plays in the artist-manager relationship should be clearly stated.

These include the specific obligations of the director and the contributions of the parties. Future conflicts will be avoided in the future by sketching the artist-manager relationship in the contract and presenting upstream expectations. Because if you don`t believe in what the artist does, how can we manage it effectively? Good chemistry is also important, which is why it`s best to know more about the person before signing a formal agreement that will make your relationship official. They may also include a statement if the artist confirms that he is entitled to enter into such an agreement and the rights that each party has if the other party violates or violates the contract. The division of labour can be added as an option. At the end of the period, it is generally possible to extend the contract for a long-term contract. "I alone," a song that many of us may not have heard of, but has a title name that better describes an exclusive clause. An exclusivity clause says you are the only artist the manager represents. This will ensure that your musical career has the attention of your superior. It can focus on trying to open a record contract, sponsorship or branding contracts and other important contracts related to the art of being an artist. Finding an exclusivity clause in your contract is usually a good thing.

An artist management contract is a document used by artist directors or other agents.

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