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Work Close Agreement

The collective agreement may prescribe other categories of workers who may benefit from the preferential right to wealth, while they have the same qualifications and the same productivity rates as others. The employment is officially entered into by an employer order that is given after the conclusion of an employment contract. The contents of this order must comply with the terms of an employment contract. In order to investigate a multiple production accident, a serious production accident or a fatal accident, the Commission also involves a public safety inspector, a representative of the executive body of the executive body of the Russian Federation (by appointment) and a representative of the Federation of Trade Union Organisations. The employer sets up the Commission and authorizes its membership in the Public Inspector of Occupational Health and Safety as President. Wages are paid at least once every 14 days in the employment contract set out in internal, conventional or contracted employment contracts. It is not permissible to refuse women to enter into an employment contract because of their pregnancy or the presence of children. If the employer is dissatisfied with the worker`s benefit during the probation period, the employer has the right to terminate an employment contract with the worker before the end of the probation. The employer must inform a worker in writing of the termination of an employment contract at least three days before the dismissal. The employer must indicate in this notification the reasons for taking into account the results of a trial period as negative. If the worker is dissatisfied with the employer`s decision, the worker has the right to take legal action. The common conditions for redundancy and release agreements are as follows: The tariff is a sum of the categories of wages of the work (occupations, positions) defined according to the complexity of the work and the qualification characteristics of the worker using conventional coefficients.

The duration of the working day (post) for creative collaborators of film and video camera crews, theatre, theatre and concert staff, circuses, media and professional athletes according to lists of these categories ratified by the Government of the Russian Federation may be fixed in accordance with federal and other legal laws. , local standard laws, collective agreements or employment contracts. All employees are given days off (weekly continuous rest). For five working days, workers receive two days off per week and, for six working days, one day off. Overtime-related days off during the calculation period are paid at the usual wage rates, unless collective agreements or collective agreements provide for another procedure. If you are required to work outside the state for at least one month, you must receive a written declaration of the terms of employment before leaving the country. Total or partial funding agreements by budgets at all levels are concluded with the necessary participation of representatives of the relevant executive bodies and self-governing bodies that are parties to the agreement. The duration of the main and supplementary paid day sheet is calculated in calendar days and is not limited to the ceiling.

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