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What Is A Financial Disclosure Agreement

Courts require spouses to disclose their finances in order to determine an equitable distribution of assets and support premiums and to avoid unfair comparisons. Even if a couple obtains their own agreement, the court will check the distribution of debts and property, custody and fair maintenance to ensure fairness. A disclosure statement is required by law at 767.127. It must contain all sources of income, estimated monthly expenses, a list of all assets, both real and personal, as well as all debts. If you are going through a divorce or separation, one of the most important documents you must complete is a financial disclosure statement under oath. Wisconsin places strong emphasis on the importance of this financial statement, which will be completed annually by both parties. Form E contains the standard documents to be submitted by each member of a couple in the process of divorce. It can appear a rather discouraging document since it works on 28 pages. However, not all sections of Form E are relevant to you, so you only fill out the sections of the form that apply to your situation.

Form E contains a detailed summary of your financial situation and the supporting documents you need to provide are proof of the information you enter into the form. The usual documents that are included: trying to hide assets can be tempting, but this will only serve to delay divorce proceedings - leading to an expensive and seemingly endless trial. The court also has broad powers to investigate all non-disclosure cases. In the worst case, you can be found in contempt of court, which carries a possible prison sentence. Requests for disclosure of public financial information from DOJ officials can be made by sending an OGE 201 form completed to the e-mail address At this point, we are not in a position to process requests from the U.S. Mail. During a divorce, there are many circumstances in which parties are required to disclose their assets financially. Financial disclosure is a complete presentation of your current financial income and all assets as well as supporting documents that serve as evidence. We look at the definition of financial disclosure, what it covers and its importance, and the consequences of trying to hide your financial situation. An experienced lawyer will guide you through this process and help you gather all the necessary financial information.

If you find it difficult to collect information about your spouse`s finances, your lawyer will get it through the discovery process. As a general rule, you and your spouse must submit: Form E and support documents are the main part of the financial opening process. However, each party can then ask questions about the information provided by the other page. Questions must be fair and relevant to separation issues. The couple may also have to jointly instruct an expert to prepare a report to complete the financial disclosure.

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