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Uk Backstop Agreement

After becoming Prime Minister on 24 July 2019, Boris Johnson tried to eliminate the backstop. this was rejected by the EU, which wanted a legally operational solution. [88] After Johnson`s chief negotiator, David Frost, met with EU officials on 28 August, the two sides agreed to meet twice a week. [89] January 29, 2019, the House of Commons voted 317 to 301 in favour of Sir Graham Brady`s amendment to the Brexit Next Steps amendment[64] which calls for "Northern Ireland`s backstop to be replaced by other rules to avoid a hard border, supports an agreement to leave the European Union and would therefore support the withdrawal agreement subject to this amendment." Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he is determined to "get rid" of the backstop, calling it "anti-democratic." Parliament voted for the first time against the withdrawal agreement in January 2019. Under the draft withdrawal agreement, the UK would enter a "transition period" after Brexit (currently 31 October 2019). The backstop is part of the draft withdrawal agreement negotiated between Theresa May`s government and the EU. Article 2 and Article 20 offer opportunities to limit backstops. Article 2, paragraph 2 of the protocol states that this is a temporary measure,[37] while the United Kingdom identifies and develops a technology satisfactory to both parties, which carries out customs, excise, plant health and other border controls between the UK and the EU without apparent border infrastructure. The provisions must be in line with Section 10 of the European Union Withdrawal Act (Withdrawal Act) 2018 on the continuation of North-South cooperation and the prevention of new border agreements. Following the DUP`s objections, Mrs May agreed on a backstop in which the whole of the UK would indefinitely maintain a very close relationship with the EU, namely the maintenance of the customs union. This piece has been updated to cover the latest political developments around the backstop. The bloc points out that London has already approved the "backstop" and sees Johnson`s letter as an attempt to blame the EU for the failure of the negotiations. According to the Attorney General (the government`s supreme legal adviser), this instrument has reduced the likelihood that the UK will be kept in the backstop against its will if the EU blockes negotiations on future relationship agreements with bad intentions.

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